Micro Analysis – Good advice

Most of the choices you face have been faced by others. The consequences of your choice will look like the consequences of theirs. That is why EIBA aims to systematically collect  information about paths taken and where that led to. The aim is to help you make better informed choices.  This work starts with simple everyday choices like:
–          How much should I stay home with my kids?
–          What sport is best for my kids?
–          Should I tell him I love him?
–          What education should I pick?

“Loves me, Loves me not, Loves me…”  that method has a 50 percent hit rate. Imaging the amount of romance that failed to materialize just because the daisy had an uneven number of petals!  This may be the hardest choice ever.  Should you tell that class mate, neighbor or colleague how you feel? What did you do last time around? What will you do the next time?

This simple survey asks you what you did, how it felt, and how you feel about it today.  We will collect a couple of thousand responses. And the rest is math, or quantitative analysis in posh language.

Participate in the study on sports (note: Swedish only)

Participate in the study on love (note: Swedish only)