About EIBA

EIBA, the European Institute of Behavioral Analysis, was founded January 2013 with the purpose of using behavioral analysis to help improve the functioning of society, corporations and people.

EIBA cooperates with universities, schools, businesses and other organizations. The focus is mainly set on the Nordic countries, and EIBA is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mårten_glad_snett_uppåt (Small)
Mårten Westberg is currently the CEO of EIBA. A replacement on that job is scheduled for later in the year to allow Mårten to return to more research oriented duties.

Mårten Westberg is one of the most experienced behavioral analysts in Sweden. In the 1990s he executed Sweden’s first modern analysis in an engagement survey by correlating the results with the absenteeism through illness within a large insurance corporation. Since then Mårten Westberg has directed a number of surveys for the two of the major Nordic survey institutes. He also produced one of four Swedish balanced score cards to preceed Kaplan & Nortons original article on the subject in Harvard Business Review.

Through the years Mårten Westberg has made well over 20 analysis of the relation between staff engagement, contentment of clients and profitability – so called Service Profit Chain, Profit Chain or Service Chain.

Mårten Westberg has experience from projects involving a large part of top Swedish businesses. With the institute of behavioral analysis, EIBA, he hopes to broaden the application of behavioral analysis, generating oppurtunities for greater profits and happiness in areas beyond the traditional consultancy market